Announcing the 2017 GSPIA Student Cabinet

The GSPIA Student Cabinet represents the overall interests of the student body and their respective degree programs.  Members of Student Cabinet are elected for a one-year term, and act as liaisons between students, faculty and administrators. The Cabinet will host several events this year, providing invaluable social, professional development and networking opportunities with GSPIA alumni.    

Elected Cabinet members include: 

President: Alicia Houser
Vice President: Scott Dempsey
Director of Finance: Christopher Biermann
Director of Events: Aishwarya Kumar
Director of Communications: Natalie Boydston
International Student Representative: Fiona Gao
MID Representative: Brittany Satterfield
MPA Representative: Jessica Jankowski
MPIA Representative: Chelsea Buckwalter
MPPM Representative: Sloane Davidson
Part-Time Representative: Perrie Bell
PhD Representative: Erin Carbone


Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
3601 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260