WPXI features Kathy Buechel's Pittsburgh Philanthropy Project

Pittsburgh has an exceedingly rich history of philanthropy, but many people are unaware of philanthropy's role in the area—until now. GSPIA Senior Lecturer Kathy Buechel appeared on WPXI's Proud to be from Pittsburgh segment to discuss the Pittsburgh Philanthropy Project’s website.

"The website seeks to show philanthropy as inclusive, which means that people from all walks of life, every faith tradition, participated regardless of their financial circumstances in making Pittsburgh better through their own individual philanthropy," said Buechel.

Buechel, director of the Pittsburgh Philanthropy Forum at GSPIA, created the website, storyline.gspia.pitt.edu, as a way to expand the popular conception of philanthropy from something that is practiced solely by the wealthy through foundations to the many acts of voluntary engagement and generosity evidenced throughout our region. 

“In some ways what we’re trying to do is democratize our understanding of philanthropy to show that philanthropy was practiced extensively over time in Pittsburgh, in many ways, by all types of people committed to serving their neighbors and the greater good of this community,” explained Buechel. To watch the interview, click here.



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