In Memory of Deborah Walker (MPPM ’03)

GSPIA alumna and adjunct faculty member Deborah Walker (MPPM, ’03) collapsed while emceeing an event and died shortly after according to multiple media reports. Walker was the City of Pittsburgh’s Deputy Chief of Human Resources in the Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission.

Walker graduated from GSPIA while a University of Pittsburgh police officer. With 30 years of law enforcement experience and a master’s degree, Walker was selected by Mayor Peduto (MPPM ’11) to manage the Office of Municipal Investigations (OMI), a unit that investigates complaints against city employees, including police officers.

Walker acknowledged the difficulty of leaving Pitt after such a long career at the university, but “Mayor Peduto campaigned on making changes to our beloved city that resonated deeply with me. Understanding the need for our city to take some dramatic steps following a tumultuous time, I thought this position offered exciting challenges. I was attracted by the chance to see how I could improve the Office of Municipal Investigations and reshape its image as it relates to integrity and accountability,” noted Walker.  

Walker was also very passionate about her work and the City of Pittsburgh. “I enjoy knowing my work impacts how employees go about their jobs serving the citizens of our city in a fair and just way—no matter what department or type of work being conducted by local government.” In her first year at OMI, she was proud of the fact that she was able to enhance professional development opportunities through staff training, create new management positions, and modernize her office’s operation through the digitalization of reports for easier access and greater efficiency. 



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