GSPIA's Leadership During Crisis Podcast focuses on Local Leaders’ Efforts to Mitigate Water Risks

GSPIA's Leadership During Crisis Podcast -- sponsored by the Center for Disaster Management and the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum -- posted its second episode focused on Pittsburgh's water infrastructure crisis. This episode, led by PhD student Lucy Gillespie, explores crisis leadership from several unique dimensions in asking not only how local leaders are managing Pittsburgh's recent boil water alerts, but - more importantly - what they are doing in the mid and long-term to avoid a more significant water crisis like what occurred in Flint, Michigan.

This episode features interviews with Amie Downs, Communications Director for Allegheny County, and Will Pickering, Communications Manager for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. Amie and Will help Lucy understand a Pittsburgh story that reflects a larger narrative occurring across the country. Aging infrastructure is creating real vulnerabilities for local communities, and local leaders have inherited the responsibility for managing such risks within constrained resources before they become a more acute crisis. 


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