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Nongovernmental Organizations & Civil Society

Much of the work that has defined change around the world has been the domain of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The nongovernmental organizations and civil society (NGOCS) major prepares students for a future in a world where NGOs are committed to social change in settings from Washington, Brussels and Geneva to villages and neighborhoods around the world.  Students acquire knowledge in management strategies, project design and evaluation, and politics; other courses provide in-depth perspectives on such topics as alleviating hunger, advocating for human rights, advancing gender equity, understanding religion and development, and promoting public health.
GSPIA NGOCS students have the opportunity to develop experience through internships, both domestic and international, as well as the chance to build expertise in issues such as grant writing, education or health care that will serve them well following graduation. Recent job placements have included: USAID, numerous development consulting firms, and NGOs including Oxfam America, USAID, Global Links, Food Resource Bank, EGBOK Institute Cambodia, Catholic Relief Services, and Samaritan’s Purse International Relief.

Plan of Study

Students who enroll at GSPIA in fall 2018 or later will follow this plan of study. 

Download the Plan of Study (PDF document) for the Major in Nongovernmental Organizations & Civil Society  

Students who first enrolled at GSPIA prior to fall 2018 will follow this plan of study.

Download the Plan of Study (PDF document) for the Major in Nongovernmental Organizations & Civil Society

Major Courses

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