EU and the World

(Photo from EU and the World’s Study Trip to D.C. in spring 2012)



The goal of the “European Union and the World” is to bring Europe to the GSPIA community.  In line with this goal, our organization contributes to the GSPIA and the university in numerous ways.  We organize showings of European movies, facilitate panel discussions on various EU policy topics and help students align their research interests with some practical experiences.  Additionally, the organization serves as an important compliment to the EU Center of Excellence.  In a less formal and more easy-going setting, we strive to introduce and share European culture, offer the floor for an exchange of ideas and provide EU-related programming that is of particular interest to GSPIA students.   


2012 Group Leaders:
Marina Duane, President,
Andrew Stark, Vice President,
Gabriela Gavrila, Public Relations Manager,
Jingwen Fu, Business Manager,
Indre Sabaliunaite, Treasurer,

Group Faculty Advisor

Professor Carolyn Ban

For more information about our events, to become a member or to apply for a leadership position withing EUaW, you can contact us by email at or you can click here to join our Facebook page!

2012 Activities: Past and Future

In February 2012 we organized and facilitated a trip to Washington D.C. After undergoing a competitive application process, a total of 10 GSPIAns were selected to participate in the trip. We visited the Delegation of the European Union to the United States and met with the Chief Economist of the delegation to receive insight into the current challenges of the euro zone crises. We also spoke to the Intern Coordinator and received information on potential available internships.  The group traveled to the Danish and Romanian Embassies and met with the Deputy Chiefs of Mission.  Participants also had a chance to meet with GSPIA alumni at GSPIA's DC office.

The trip was funded through the FSI as well as financial support from GSPIA career services and EUCE/ESC. This was the first time for the EUaW to go outside of GSPIA venue and organize a study-trip that provides insight into the work of the EU related institutions. We plan to make the trip a yearly tradition.
Upon our return we had an information session to provide feedback on our trip. The discussion was open to the larger community of the University of Pittsburgh and was held as part of the Pizza and Politics Series of the EUCE/ESC. Participants of our trip shared their impressions and insights into how it supplemented their research interests. Refreshments were provided by the EUCE/ESC.
In addition to all the listed activities, our group holds informal meetings on a biweekly basis. Such meetings are essentially forums for GSPIA students to come together to talk about current events in Europe.

Our next event will be on October 12, 2012 at 12:00 noon in Posvar 3610. EU and the World Organization President Marina Duane (MID ’13) and Vice-President Andrew Stark (MPIA ’13) will talk about their experience interviewing policy-makers, EU civil servants , and visiting major institutions in Brussels & Luxembourg as participants in the EU in Brussels Program, co-sponsored by Pitt’s EUCE/ESC & GSPIA.  For more details click here.

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