Pennsylvania Residents

Although GSPIA is a school with national and indeed global reach, it is firmly rooted in its hometown and has a long history of serving both the Pittsburgh region and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As one of the preeminent schools of public service in the state (and the only Pennsylvania school to be a founding member of the prestigious Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs), GSPIA and its graduates have left a permanent mark on Pennsylvania’s government, private sector, and nonprofit sector. 

While many talented students from around the world come to our campus, GSPIA has been the school of choice for Pennsylvanians hoping to make a difference in their communities since its inception more than 50 years ago. Prominent alumni include two Pittsburgh mayors (Bill Peduto and Pete Flaherty), a Pennsylvania Auditor General (Eugene DePasquale), and multiple Pennsylvania legislators and municipal officials. Local alumni also include leaders of many of Pittsburgh’s most prominent cultural and charitable institutions, including Point Park University (President Paul Hennigan) and the Buhl Foundation (President Diana Bucco). Local political leaders often speak of the “GSPIA mafia” – a network of managers, elected officials, and public servants who oversee the region’s government and hang a GSPIA diploma on their office walls. 

GSPIA is thoroughly engaged with its city and state, making it an ideal springboard for successful careers. Research centers and institutes maintain strong professional networks that bridge the gap between theory and practice. The Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership matches current students with mentors in the Pennsylvania professional community, and the Center for Metropolitan Studies plays a major role in local government through its Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT) program. 

In-state tuition rates mean that the cost of a GSPIA education is significantly lower for Pennsylvanians than for out-of-state residents, and over 50% lower than the cost of attending many peer APSIA schools. That, combined with Pittsburgh’s low cost of living, makes GSPIA by far the most affordable choice for Pennsylvanians seeking a prestigious degree in public administration, international affairs, or international development. 

If you, like many of our students, are a Pennsylvania resident, GSPIA can launch your career – whether you aspire to make a difference in your home state, nationally, or across the globe. 


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