Hire a GSPIA graduate

Employ candidates who are ready to make a difference.

Hire a GSPIA Graduate Hire a GSPIA Graduate

Are you an employer searching for a highly qualified leader in public and international affairs? GSPIA students are always seeking top-notch internship sites to further their skills and education. And our graduates span the globe; they’re versatile, dedicated, and primed to make an impact.

To begin the process of hiring a grad or intern, you can post directly to GSPIA Connections. We also encourage you to engage with and post job openings on our Facebook page.

We offer Skype for Business and Polycom video conferencing to connect you to graduates. Additionally, we host an annual career and internship fair, and offer customized recruiting. For any questions regarding these opportunities, or to schedule an in-person or virtual session, contact Emmy Griffith, associate director of career services.