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Our faculty, students, and affiliates are actively engaged in research on international security issues with the goal of informing and influencing analysts, policymakers, and scholars, as well as the public.   


Current Working Groups  

Investigation of the Criminal Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

In this FBI-associated project, led by Dr. Michael Kenney, you will use open sources to explore the current and future uses of UAVs by criminals and terrorists internationally and domestically. You will create a database of UAV types and UAV-related criminal incidents to draw conclusions on emerging UAV trends and threats.

Pittsburgh Transportation Security

Under a tasking from the Pittsburgh FBI Field Office, you will use a red-team approach to anticipate criminal and terrorist threats against the transportation infrastructure of Western Pennsylvania. You will work with other students to identify vulnerabilities and present findings in a written and oral brief to the FBI each semester.

Counter-proliferation, WMDs, and Cyber Vulnerabilities to Industrial Control Systems

Led by GSPIA Professor Phil Williams and Dr. Tom Congedo of Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering, you will examine the best ways to prevent the smuggling of nuclear materials, the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction, and cyber-attacks on industrial control systems.

Intercepts, Intrusions, and Other Gray Zone Activity

Help compile an open-source dataset of incidents and ongoing activities by gray zone actors like the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. Your work will help build an understanding of patterns of activity by these states.

Regional Organizations, Inter-Regional Security Dialogue and Cooperation

Take a closer look at the role of regional organizations and their response to regional security challenges by focusing your research on the EU-ASEAN inter-regional security dialogue.

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