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Shale Gas Governance Center Shale Gas Governance Center

About the Center

Located near the world’s most prolific shale gas formation, the Shale Gas Governance Center promotes research, teaching, and outreach on the governance issues posed in Pennsylvania, the United States and around the world by the emergence of the shale gas revolution.

Our research

Our faculty’s acclaimed research has been used by state policymakers, presented at a meeting of the National Governors Association, and cited in the media, including the BBC and The Wall Street Journal.

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Energy & Environment Blog

The Energy & Environment Blog provides commentary and analysis on E&E issues of public interest. Primary contributors are GSPIA faculty and students.

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GSPIA Researchers Study Abandoned Wells

This month, GSPIA PhD Candidate Max Harleman and Associate Professor Jeremy Weber released an article in the USAEE Working Paper Series as part of their ongoing work to understand the impact of abandoned oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania. The paper, which was coauthored with Pitt Economics Professor Daniel Berkowitz, shows that over half a century, the two acres around unplugged wells received roughly half as much building as the areas around plugged wells.

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GSPIA E&E Blog Monthly Highlight

This month we highlight Associate Professor Jeremy Weber's newest blog post entitled Energy Prices, Not Policy, Continue to Bring Cuts to Coal Production and Jobs. In the post, Weber estimates that the decline in coal production over the period 2018 to 2020 resulted in losses of $2.7 billion in earnings and 27,000 jobs for coal communities, and were driven by declining natural gas prices.

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Our data

The goal of our research is to make data about shale gas development widely available to the academic community and to others who are interested in the impact of its development. Our current data sets explore the financial impact of shale gas development in Pennsylvania. 

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The GSPIA faculty, affiliated scholars, and fellows you will work with at the Shale Gas Governance Center are some of the leading experts in the field. Their research is at the nexus of environmental policy and practice. 

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