Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum

Developing and enhancing the journey of incoming generations of leaders.

Frances Hesselbein Frances Hesselbein

About Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum

The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum reflects the vision of a university-based center for teaching, applied research, and public service where leaders and aspiring leaders from around the world can gather to advance the art and science of leadership and put these principles to practice in public service.

Our work continues the legacy of Frances Hesselbein, a Pitt alumna who has received 22 honorary doctoral degrees, has written three autobiographies, and has co-edited 30 books in 29 languages. She is considered one of the country’s most respected experts and greatest leaders in the field of contemporary leadership development.


In addition to our lecture series and keynote events, the Hesselbein Forum also offers the Leadership Program in International Affairs. Directed by Julia Santucci, a former senior advisor in the U.S. Department of State, the program is an extracurricular leadership development initiative for GSPIA students from all degree programs who want to pursue careers in the international arena. The need for leadership in this domain has never been greater, and GSPIA is preparing a new generation of leaders to face these challenges and opportunities.