Join us in welcoming Dr. Duniesky Cintra Cala and Justo Manuel Cardenas Rodriguez to present their work on the Pan American Health Organization-World Health Organization's work in Cuba. 

They will discuss the multi-faceted public health challenges the island faces, the organization's principles of cooperation, and how Pittsburgh-based international partnerships have positively affected the Cuban health system's resilience-building and sustainability measures. 

About the speakers

  • Dr. Duniesky Cintra Cala focuses on childhood, adolescent, and sexual and reproductive health, as well as health emergencies. 
  • Justo Manuel Cardenas Rodriguez is a PAHO-WHO administrator with over 25 years of experience in the field of public health. He specializes in the coordination of natural disaster emergency response within PAHO-Cuba, as well as in other agencies within the U.N. in Cuba.