Do you have the passion to make a difference in the lives of others? Consider taking the first step toward a rewarding career in public service by applying to the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public & International Affairs (GSPIA). Founded in 1958, GSPIA is one of the most recognized and comprehensive schools of its type in the world. GSPIA's 8,000 globally connected alumni hold prestigious positions in government, nonprofit organizations, business, and academia worldwide. GSPIA invites you to explore any of our five degree programs.

Master of Public & International Affairs 

The Master of Public and International Affairs is a multidisciplinary program designed to prepare students for international careers as government policymakers, diplomats, intelligence officials, global business leaders, nonprofit managers, and policy researchers. To view majors, click here

Master of International Development 

The Master of International Development promotes respect for human life and human rights with graduates often working behind the scenes to bring real improvements to the human condition through hands-on careers in public service. Graduates of the program work face-to-face with underprivileged and vulnerable populations, in the front offices of aid agencies, and in international organizations dedicated to protecting those who need help most. To view majors, click here.

Master of Public Administration 

The Master of Public Administration trains managers to balance the needs of each community with its resources, promoting neighborhood development, effective local government, ethical leadership, and responsible business practices. Students acquire a diverse and flexible set of professional skills appropriate for careers in nonprofit agencies, government offices, and private businesses worldwide. To view majors, click here.

Accelerated Mid-Career Master of Public Policy and Management

The accelerated, 30-credit Master of Public Policy and Management degree provides mid-career professionals an opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop new analytic tools and professional skills, explore new ideas and theories, and interact with experienced faculty and practitioners. This program is also available online

Doctor of Philosophy in Public & International Affairs 

The Doctor of Philosophy in Public and International Affairs degree  at GSPIA emphasizes interdisciplinary research and applied analysis of public policy issues. Students acquire the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to conduct research in highly competitive environments such as leading universities, government agencies and nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations. Read more.

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