Pitt Policy Journal

The Pitt Policy Journal (PPJ) offers you the opportunity to publish original and exemplary work and share recommended policy approaches with a broad audience. The goal of our student-led journal is to give GSPIA students a platform to conduct and present research that focuses on a diverse set of topics, with the intent to challenge existing policies by publishing the creative and innovative work of our graduate students.

Published authors have used their work to gain internships and positions in federal and local government, think tanks, nonprofits, NGOs, and the private sector. Due to the journal’s growing reputation and exposure, the most recent publication had an 11 percent increase in paper submissions and our editor applications nearly doubled.

The journal is distributed free of charge.


Pitt Policy Journal



Editorial Staff

Dijana Mujkanovic, PhD

Alexandria Smith, MPIA/JD



Megan Bailey, MPIA

Brian Bayer, MID

Kelsey Brennan, MPIA

Adam Burkhart, MPIA

Megan Canfield, MPIA

Sean Crowley, MPIA

Erin Frank, MPIA

Macy Holloway, MPA

Samantha Monks, MID

Sara Rosenblum, MPA

Kristin Ronzi, MPIA

Call for Submissions

The call for papers begins in November, with the final deadline for paper submissions in December. An official date will be announced closer to the deadline. You may email your submissions.

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